Direct HireJob No. 1052  |  August 28, 2018

★ Paid digestibility almost 100%! Annual holiday 110 days ★ Recruitment of long-term care staff (regular employee) at special nursing home for the elderly!

Message from the employer

Provide treatment improvement allowance and family allowance firmly! It is work in Edogawa-ku which enriches child rearing support system ◎ It is easy to commute with a single bus from Ichinose Station ♪ There is a break for 75 minutes! Paid rate of acquisition 100%! Workplace that cherishes work-life balance ◎

Paid salary acquisition rate is 100%!
Stay working and rest when you rest.
Because it can be divided on and off, you can sharpen your life.

  • Facility Type: Special nursing home
  • Job Summary: care work.
  • Required Qualifications: work in fulltime, experienced, home helper.
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Start Date: work form now.

Address: Tokyo, Edogawa-ku
Rail Line: Toei Shinjuku line,

Early Shift: 7:00~16:00
Day Shift: 9:00~18:00
Late Shift: 10:45~19:45
Night Shift: 16:30~9:30
Other Shift: 入浴当番 / 8:30~17:30

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